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Call (028) 3752 5999. We strive to create enduring relationships with our clients by providing advice on all areas of commercial law.


Call (028) 3752 5999 if you have suffered any ill health or injury whilst on holiday. We can help you get fully compensated.


Call (028) 3752 5999. We are able to provide expert advice and assistance in relation to all Housing and Benefit Entitlement..


Call (028) 3752 5999. We can provide you with a full range of services incorporating the complete administration of an estate.


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Call (028) 3752 5999. We have accumulated vast experience acting for both employers and employees in relation to their queries..


Welcome to GCS Armagh Solicitors Northern Ireland

At GCS Armagh solicitors Northern Ireland we aim to provide our clients with a high level of service, which is efficient, professional, proactive and solution-driven. We pride ourselves on delivering advice, which is to the point, leaving clients with clear visible options. Through continuous growth and development GCS Solicitors Armagh has strengthened its resources and our emphasis is on exceeding the expectations of our clients time after time.

Experienced Law Firm

We have dedicated staff with a depth and range of knowledge throughout our legal firm, to enable us to specialise in a wide range of areas of law. We aim to provide you with a service that contains no surprises, to be comprehensive and professional in our dealings with you and to be honest with you in everything we do for you.

Range Of Legal Services

As you can see from the links above we have a wide variety of legal services available to you, ranging from helping with personal injury claims and criminal negligence claims, to employment law, family law, buying and selling property, will writing, probate and administration of estates, help with claims to benefits, litigation, business law and much more.

Why Use GCS Solicitors Armagh Legal Services

There are many reasons why it is important you use a professional and expert legal company such as ours if you want to, for example, claim compensation for an injury, or you are going through a divorce, or you are having legal issues at work or facing litigation, or you are looking to purchase commercial property. We know all the legal terminology used in court, we can advise you every step of the way no matter what legal issue or process you are facing and we can ensure you make the right decisions throughout the whole process. Having GCS Solicitors Armagh in your corner will make everything so much easier and I am sure having us there beside you will give you more confidence that you will get the right result at the end.

No Obligation Consultation Service

We offer a free consultation service in the first instance, where you can arrange an appointment to speak with one of our experienced lawyers who will be an expert in the field of law you wish to discuss. This is a no obligation consultation, so that if you do not want to use our services after talking to us that is entirely at your discretion.

It is always a very good idea if you are unsure about any legal issue that you get qualified legal advice before you proceed any further and at GCS Solicitors Armagh we can certainly give you that. To make an appointment to come and see us you can either fill in the form on the website page or you can give us a call on 028 3752 5999.

So please take a good look around the website and all the various legal services we provide and then if you wish to get in touch with us or connect with us through our various Social Media channels if you have not already done so, then please do so. We regularly update our news blog on the website so if you wish to get the latest news from the legal profession call back to the site whenever you can.
For solicitors Northern Ireland put yourself in the capable hands of GCS Solicitors Armagh.


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