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Family & Divorce

Welcome To Our Family Solicitors Department

GCS Solicitors dedicated family law solicitors are members of the Children Order & Guardian Ad Litem Panels of Solicitors and also trained Collaborative Lawyers.

We provide cost effective legal solutions for all family matters.

Our particular areas of Family Law practice include the following:

  • Divorce/Separation
  • Children
  • Financial Settlements
  • Domestic Violence and Non-Molestation
  • Adoption

We aim to provide you with clear common sense, yet sensitive advice, in what can be a difficult time for you. We will provide you with professional and confidential advice.

Child Custody Solicitors

There are many factors to be resolved in any relationship breakdown. GCS Solicitors can advise you on property settlements, spousal maintenance, custody of children and contact with children. We aim to achieve the best result for you while trying to avoid animosity, wherever possible.

We can also advise you in relation to your child's future. If married, parents may share joint parental responsibility for your child before, during and after divorce or separation.

We can help you if you wish to apply for a divorce.

If you wish to speak to us about your query relating to your children or alternatively in relation to how to apportion assets on your separation then please call us now on 028 3752 5999 and arrange to speak to a dedicated member of our staff about your query or alternatively please email your query to info@gcsarmagh.co.uk

If you wish to speak to us about any query in respect of applying for or defending divorce proceedings or in respect of other factors relating to your divorce such as property settlement, maintenance, custody of children and contact with your children, then please either contact us on 028 3752 5999, or alternatively, please email your query to info@gcsarmagh.co.uk

We appreciate that the breakdown of a relationship is a difficult and stressful time for you. We aim to make the procedure of divorce as simple, swift and amicable as possible.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to obtain a divorce for social or religious reasons, then we can advise you in relation to Judicial Separation Proceedings. This will ensure that your rights in relation to your children are safeguarded and to ensure that your finances are fully protected.

We can represent you no matter where you live if your case proceeds in the Northern Irish Courts. If you would like us to act for you now, we can arrange an initial free consultation with one of our specialised Matrimonial Solicitors or alternatively, we can deal with all matters through email, telephone and letters if it is not easy for you to meet us at our office.


We aim to work with you to ensure that the best arrangements for your children, including their financial support, is achieved. Two of our dedicated Family Law Solicitors are members of the exclusive Guardian Ad Litem Panel of Solicitors and they can offer you specific advice in respect of your children.

We aim, wherever possible, to achieve amicable solutions for your children. However, where that is not possible then we can apply to court, on your instruction, for a court order in respect of contact with your child, a residence order, or a parental responsibility order, or a prohibited steps order.

Financial Settlements

We aim to assist you to achieve a financial settlement that is realistic and in your best interests. We shall also work to ensure that you retain sufficient assets/income for your future life. We shall advise you as to your entitlement, negotiate on your behalf and pursue court proceedings where appropriate, to ensure that you achieve the apportionment that you deserve.

Domestic Violence/Non-Molestation

We aim to respond quickly to your urgent situation. The violence that you are subjected to may be both physical and psychological. We will discuss your situation and advise you as to how best protect you and your children, if applicable. We can help you to apply to the court for an emergency Court Order to prevent your abuser from coming near you. That order carries a power of arrest, providing you with immediate and effective protection. If you require the protection of an emergency Non-Molestation order then please call us now on our emergency 24 hour number 028 3752 5999.


If you wish to adopt a child then we can help you with all of the legal procedural requirements needed to establish a legal application for adoption and any subsequent legal requirements that may arise. Please contact us on 028 3752 5999 to discuss your query and funding options, which may be available to you or alternatively please e-mail your query to info@gcsarmagh.co.uk

Fathers Rights

There is also the issue of fathers rights. If you feel you are not getting to see your children as often as you feel you should be entitled to we can give you the support and advice you require. Just call us on the number above and we will glad to be of assistance.


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