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Commercial or General Litigation Disputes

We can advise you about any Commercial or General Litigation Dispute that you may have and about any clinical/medical negligence queries which you may have.

GCS Solicitors do all of the usual things that any Litigation Department will do, but we also do many things which others do not, nor have our experience in.

If your claim does not progress amicably, then we possess the expertise to prepare your case for court and we shall ensure that our clients are never disadvantaged and are fully represented during the claim process. If you have suffered loss as a result of an accident that was not your fault, then we can help you make a compensation claim.

Litigation Solicitors

With regards to any litigation dispute we are trained litigation solicitors who will do our best to resolve any dispute so that you are happy with the final outcome.
There are two basic ways in which you can resolve any litigation disputes. Firstly if possible you can resolve the issue without the requirement of going to court. In this instance you may need some form of mediation to get together with the other party to reconcile any issues or differences of opinion.
If you reach an agreement through mediation all well and good, but if you can`t then the next step is to go to court to settle the dispute. The case will go in front of a judge or jury and they will determine who is in the right and wrong.

We have already recovered millions of pounds of compensation for our clients and we guarantee that you will keep all of your compensation that we recover on your behalf.

If you do go to court you need an experienced and professional solicitor in your corner who will represent you in front of the judge and/or jury. That could be GCS Solicitors.

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