Litigation Solicitors

Our specifically trained litigation solicitors (who are APIL Members) will do our best to resolve any dispute quickly and effectively to ensure you are happy with the final outcome.

We will try to resolve your issue without the requirement of going to court.  You may need some form of Mediation to get together with the other party to reconcile any issues or differences of opinion.

If you reach an agreement through mediation all well and good, but if you can’t, then the next step is to go to court to conclude your dispute.  Your case will be heard by a judge and they will determine whether there is any merit in your case. Give yourself the best chance to succeed in your case by instructing GCS Solicitors.  Please call us now 028 3752 5999 or email your query to

We have already recovered millions of pounds of compensation for our clients and we guarantee that you will keep all of your compensation that we recover on your behalf.

To start your case, please call us now 028 3752 5999 or email your query to